About Us

Founder Benjamin Johnson started B&T APPARELS because he wanted to make a difference in how people shopped for their clothing online. He noticed that with other variety sites not only were the clothing items less affordable  but they were also very limited as far as apparel went.

That's how he came up with B&T Apparels . Along the way he talked about ways of making shopping for good quality clothing & accessories  more affordable to the general public. From things like being a single parent with limited income to being a college student and having to pay for classes an books to working with a minimum wage job.

Here at B&T APPARELS our mission is to set low cost prices with good quality apparel accessories affordable to any an everyone across the board. our motto is look good an feel good no matter who you are!

Along the way founder Benjamin had struggles of his coming up from a relatively lower income house hold  havingto wear hand me downs coming up in grade and high school. As adults he now looks and see others in the same predicament and wanted to make a difference. Not just a difference aimed at a certain group but a difference for all convenience is the key.

We want to be the online leading game changers when it comes to buying and shopping for apparels an varieties at an affordable price across the board.

Enjoy Shopping with B&T APPARELS!